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Course Syncing

Eliminate double data entry for teachers through automated data synchronization between Google Classroom™ and your SIS.


Dynamic gradebook and comprehensive analysis tools to support data-driven schools and classrooms


Empower the entire school community through up-to-date Student Portfolios, academic data, transcripts, schedules, attendance history, and behavior logs


Innovative administrator accounts and school customization to efficiently support teachers

Report Cards

Streamlined report card tools with teacher report card entry and administrator EGG file extraction

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Customize SyncGrades to best meet your unique needs.

Tailor your Sync Grades settings based on your grading system, school needs, and user preferences.

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Manage assignments and grades with one platform

Synchronize assignment and grade data across Google Classroom™ and your student information system. Enhance teacher efficiency on assignments, grading, report cards, and student performance in one place.

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Let SyncGrades enhance your student management system and empower your school community

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