Sync Google Classroom™ and your Student Information System

Enhance and bridge siloed academic data systems and make them accessible and useful for each member of the school community.

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Course Syncing

Create, Edit, and Sync Google Classroom™ courses concurrently with your school information system

Student Performance

Comprehensive tracking and analytics of all students and student-related course and grading information


Easily editable complete teacher gradebook synced with Google Classroom™ including customizable categories, weights, scales, etc.

Report Cards

Report Card, Progress Report, and Transcript management and distribution

Parent Access

Secure access for parents and guardians to access all of their student's school related information


SyncGrades does everything a school workflow platform should and more

Administrators and Teachers

Shape SyncGrades to best fit your school and classroom.

Own complete control in setting SyncGrades to match your school and school grading system. Access all teacher and student-parent school-related information and processes to drive your school to success.

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Manage your school system and Google Classrooms™ on one platform

Empower Teacher Workflow of all gradebooks, finalize report cards and progress reports, track attendance and behavior, and monitor student performance.

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Start using SyncGrades. Utilize a fast, reliable, all-in-one school management system to empower success in administrators, teachers, and students

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